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What Do You Know About Professional Poker Players?

Barbara Enright

This well-known poker pro started her love affair with the game of poker when she was only 4 years old. At home, the little girl played five card draw against her older brother. She says she even made him cry in those days while playing. As she got older he sheer desire to play poker stayed with her. In 1976, Enright started playing in poker rooms. This was the very same year she was diagnosed with the debilitating disease Lupus. Though Lupus was a blow, it is no way ever interfered with her poker career. This is obvious through her many triumphant tourneys. She has three World Series of Poker bracelets to her credit. He attains the forthright of being the only female player ever to make it to the final table of the WSOP main event.

She is also an esteemed writer – she is Editor in Chief at Woman Poker Player magazine, and she is also a motivational speaker. She should be, she has been through a terrible disease all while playing some of the best poker in the world – male or female. She has said that world peace and free medical coverage for every person would be her dream come true.

TJ Cloutier

Considered by many of his peers to be one of the best poker tournament players ever, TJ Cloutier is an affable player that keeps his eye on the prize while playing great cards. He is known to many as the pro player that has an uncanny ability to take complete notice off everything going on at the table, whether he is in the hand or not. Many times he has said that he may not be good with the names of other players, but he is excellent at knowing their cards. Hey, if you need to hone in on something to be a great poker player, this ability would be it.

He has won well over fifty major poker events. For many years, Cloutier has been either the lead or at least in the top 5 money makers at the World Series of Poker. AT the WSOP, he has an impressive record. He has placed 4 times in the top 5. This includes two second place finishes.

Back in high school (California), he played and excelled in sports. He even attended UC Berkley on a dual scholarship for football and baseball. After a stint in the Army, he started playing poker in earnest.

Married to his second wife for more than 22 years, he is happy when playing poker and it shows. He has even written 4 books on poker co-authored by fellow pro poker player Tom McEvoy.

Phil Hellmuth Jr.

This self named poker brat is one of poker’s most intriguing and very controversial players. Sometimes, he shows a level of game play that is unparallel to any other poker player. Other times, he admittedly so badly that he acts as if he has bo business being in a high-stakes poker game on free credit casino no deposit.

From Wisconsin, is is the son of a university dean. He started playing the game of poker ( on a more serious level) while enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, where he quickly discovered that he was way more into poker playing than school itself.

He even played his first WSOP event when he was 24. He took the poker circuit by storm when he became the youngest player to ever win the Binion’s yearly classic. He is well known for terrorizing the the poker circuit with incredible game play. In 1991, he landed in the top 5 in all of the Hall of Fame tournaments held at the Horsehoe. In 1993, he won a record amount of WSOP events – three. He even went on to win the 1995 Hall of Fame championship.

All of his wins have been from playing Texas Holdem, but he plays all games. He currently lives in the San Francisco area and remains a circuit player today.

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